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  Be Grateful to Our Parents

  Just as the famous saying goes,"Thanksgiving is a spiritual treasure. Since we were born, many people have helped us more or less and we should be grateful for everything that other people have done for us. And among all the people we should appreciate, our parents are the ones who deserve our appreciation most.

  Nowadays,as young men,we always take our parents' love and care for granted, without any gratitude to our parents. However, we should come to realize that our parents will become old one day, and they will need our care, just like those days when we were little children. Therefore, however busy we may be, we should spend more time accompanying them, because they once devoted so much selfless love to us, and we should return them the same from the bottom of our heart.

  From the first day we appeared in their lives, it is our parents who give us all their love but never expect anything in return. In order to make our lives better, they endure a lot of hardships. Therefore, we should be grateful to our parents, respect them and be a good kid with a grateful heart.




3.感恩父母 -作文






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